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Noun1.Elephantidae - elephants
mammal family - a family of mammals
order Proboscidea, Proboscidea - an order of animals including elephants and mammoths
elephant - five-toed pachyderm
Elephas, genus Elephas - type genus of the family Elephantidae
genus Loxodonta, Loxodonta - a genus of Elephantidae
genus Mammuthus, Mammuthus - extinct genus: mammoths
Archidiskidon, genus Archidiskidon - a genus of Elephantidae
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any animal of the family Elephantidae (elephants)".
They were members of the family Elephantidae, which also contains the two genera of modern elephants and their ancestors.
From the Elephantidae family and the Proboscidea order, elephants are one of the largest land animals on Earth.
Mammals with the highest levels of SSD include those in Primates, Mustelidae, Pinnipedia, Elephantidae, and Ruminantia; in these orders, males may be three times larger than females (Ralls, 1977; Weckerly, 1998).
Although some of these poisonings are accidental, there has been an increase in the number of intentional baiting of poached rhinoceros (Rhinocerotidae) and elephant (Elephantidae) carcasses to kill vultures that alert officials to poaching sites by circling overhead.
Group III included Primates, Erinaceinae, Leporidae, Chrysochloridae, Elephantidae. Group IV included Muridae and Lemuridae formed Group V.