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An ancient city of eastern Greece near Athens, site of the Eleusinian mysteries.

El′eu·sin′i·an (ĕl′yo͝o-sĭn′ē-ən) adj. & n.
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In memory of her sorrows Demeter establishes the Eleusinian mysteries (which, however, were purely agrarian in origin).
The New Woman of the future will be the woman with the petticoats, she who shall restore the ancient Eleusinian mysteries of the silk skirt and the tea-gown.
The Eleusinian mysteries, the Egyptian architecture, the Indian astronomy, the Greek sculpture, show that there always were seeing and knowing men in the planet.
In the deep-embosomed glades Of the Eleusinian Queen Haunt of revelers, men and maids, Dionysus, thou art seen.
The subtle shifts in the figuration of mythemes and mythscapes associated with Demeter and Persephone--from Ovid's recasting of the Eleusinian and the Nysian plains into a Sicilian setting (Enna) to Rita Dove's reimagining of the mother-daughter-lover interaction in a variety of locations (Paris, Arizona, Mexico, and Sicily) in Mother's Love (1995) to Louise Gluck's unrelenting focus on Averno, a small crater lake in southern Italy, in her homonymous collection of poems (2006)--ensure the myth's continuing relevance to contemporary themes and concerns.
The convener, "P," and his acolytes perform a ritual very loosely based on the Greek Eleusinian mysteries, in which while sitting on cushions you are offered a drink spiked with psychoactive substances.
(56) The distinction between the Lesser Mysteries and the Greater Mysteries likely derives from how this distinction operated in the Eleusinian Mysteries, an annual initiation into the cult of Demeter.
It is when we are afforded by Julian to witness him in his experience of the Eleusinian mysteries that we understand why Christianity is a fluid movement from the Hellenistic thoughts to the notions of the afterlife.
"Spinozist Pantheism and the Truth of 'Sense Certainty'": What the Eleusinian Mysteries Tell us about Hegel's Phenomenology." Journal of the History of Philosophy 50:1 (2012): 85-110.
For me, Shakespeare's romances cultivate this viscous allegorical space, where Marian memories and Eleusinian mysteries conspire with metamorphic mythographies of renaissance.
Demeter [female] Goddess of agriculture, especially grain and bread; honored (Ceres) together with daughter Persephone in the Eleusinian mysteries.