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In the Bible, a judge of Israel who was the teacher of Samuel.


(Bible) Old Testament the highest priest at Shiloh and teacher of Samuel (I Samuel 1–3)


(ˈi laɪ)

a Hebrew judge and priest. I Sam. 1–4.
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Eli was turning, Smith was feeding, and I was carrying wheat to the fan.
About daylight we passed Shiloh, where the Ark of the Covenant rested three hundred years, and at whose gates good old Eli fell down and "brake his neck" when the messenger, riding hard from the battle, told him of the defeat of his people, the death of his sons, and, more than all, the capture of Israel's pride, her hope, her refuge, the ancient Ark her forefathers brought with them out of Egypt.
Sometimes, the worthy gentleman would reprove my mother for being over-indulgent to her sons, with a reference to old Eli, or David and Absalom, which was particularly galling to her feelings; and, very highly as she respected him, and all his sayings, I once heard her exclaim, 'I wish to goodness he had a son himself
That night Amelia made the boy read the story of Samuel to her, and how Hannah, his mother, having weaned him, brought him to Eli the High Priest to minister before the Lord.
Going forward, Eli Lilly will take over the development of mitotic kinesin Eg5 inhibitor and plans to initiate clinical trials in the US and Europe.
On the other hand, what a message he must deliver to Eli, the man who had raised him since he was a boy.
accepts that Eli Lilly acted properly in relation to the disclosure of these
Shina reads with good timing, good pacing, but in a voice that sounds a little young for someone as mature as Eli.
Just as Eli discerned Samuel's call, women and men today also need elders and mentors to help them discern and affirm their vocation, whatever it may be.
Bucatinsky adapted All Over the Guy from his play, which originally saw Eli and Tom as a heterosexual couple, a woman inhabiting the struggling alcoholic Tom character.
Major's portrayal of Eli on its surface level clearly situates him within the Western discourse of Caliban.
Eli is a diversified company engaged in healthcare, revenue cycle management, media, market intelligence, training, and related services.