Elias Canetti

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Noun1.Elias Canetti - English writer born in Germany (1905-1994)
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A William Golding B Claude Simon C Elias Canetti D Pearl S Buck 2.
"Everything I experienced later had already happened in Ruschuk" - the words are the Russe Nobel laureate-born Elias Canetti.
As the writer Elias Canetti explains it: '[W]ith them the command becomes destiny and they make it their pride to surrender to it blindly, as though it were particularly manly to blind oneself.'
In January 1999, a letter to the editor published in The Richmond Times Dispatch in which I linked Bill Clinton to Elias Canetti's Survivor.
* Trap Door Theatre offers tickets to "The Locketeer," adapted from Elias Canetti's 1956 play about a future state that regulates citizens' life spans.
[beaucoup moins que] Comment pourrais-je m'ennuyer tant que je connais des mots?[beaucoup plus grand que], ecrivait Elias Canetti dans le coeur secret de l'horloge.