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Noun1.Elihu Yale - English philanthropist who made contributions to a college in Connecticut that was renamed in his honor (1649-1721)Elihu Yale - English philanthropist who made contributions to a college in Connecticut that was renamed in his honor (1649-1721)
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Work is also underway to maximise Wrexham's tourist potential including St Giles Church as a big attractor, particularly for Americans with the Elihu Yale grave situated there, the Wrexham museum and Ty Pawb.
Yale college is named after Elihu Yale, whose great-grandfather, Dr David Yale, bought the Plas Grono estate, Wrexham, which is now part of the Erddig estate.
Many of us from India have often pointed to Yale University as an example of "Pecunia non olet." To understand this, we need to know more about Elihu Yale. He was a Bostonian by birth, but was mostly raised in London because his father found New England Puritanism too stifling.
ELIHU YALE: MERCHANT, COLLECTOR & PATRON was an early benefactor of Yale University who made his fortune in India and who became a merchant and trader of much fame, assembling a collection of tens of thousands of gems, textiles and more in 1699.
1708 belonged to Elihu Yale, the Welsh merchant whose generous donation was recognized by naming Yale College after him in 1718.
Elihu Yale, who founded Yale University, made his fortune in the East India Company before returning to London with an outstanding collection of Indian gems, diamonds and decorative art objects.
Named after Elihu Yale, the well known founder of Yale University whose family hail from the local area, Yale Walk is the latest flagship venture for Redrow in the town.
He was also captured on camera taking the pony to Wrexham Maelor Hospital's A&E department and in the town's Elihu Yale Wetherspoons pub.
a It's officially the Yale Bulldogs, but they're often called the "Eli" after Yale benefactor Elihu Yale.
At the time it was founded, Dummer - a former preacher - was the colonial agent for Massachusetts and Connecticut and decided to approach prominent luminaries of the time including Elihu Yale and Sir Isaac Newton for donations.
The documents relate to Elihu Yale, who gave money to found the university in the 18th century, discovered in the cellars of Warwick Courthouse and relate to Yale's business and domestic life.
Lenman's study of the trade in gems, of which Goa was a prime market, features, among others, the diamond trade that made the fortune of Elihu Yale, the East India Company governor of Madras who founded Yale University on the sale of a ship's cargo.