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v. t.1.To render smooth; to polish.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Earlier this week, Starbucks announced it will elimate plastic straws from its outlets by 2020.
Hoffman Estates, the US company behind Claire's Accessories announced earlier this week it is pursuing a financial restructing in order to "elimate a substanial portion of debt".
Dubai Traffic department is constantly working to elimate road accidents and check violations of traffic laws.
NEIL Prince's team are struggling in the early going in the league so will likely welcome the distraction of the cup and the chance to elimate a side who are a division below them.
ley, to come forward to elimate him from their inquries
Analysis above convictively shows the advantage of the new method that it can elimate the ambiguity raised by the nonuniform sampling and accurately focus all the back scattered energy to the target point.
At our last state meeting for the year we heard a report from Ann Vlass on the work she has been doing to try to elimate over the counter sales of "practitioner only" products, and from our president Sandi keeping us abreast of the constant changes in the regulations and legal aspects these sales imply for the many aspects of our work.
Under the agreement, Malaysia would elimate duties on 99 percent of goods from Australia by 2020 while priority products like steel, iron and automotive parts will see tariffs eliminated by January, 2013.
Ozone is a proven odor-destroying molecule commonly used to purify air and elimate smoke and mold odors in buildings.
Simulated rice yields as affected by intenannual elimate variability and possible climate change in Java, Climate Research, 12: 145-152.
Leading Tory figures nationally are attacking the record of Labour councils, while pointing to "firm but fair" attempts to elimate the UK's strucutural deficit, left behind by the former Labour government after global financial meltdown.