n.1.Division; separation.
2.(Gram.) The cutting off or suppression of a vowel or syllable, for the sake of meter or euphony; esp., in poetry, the dropping of a final vowel standing before an initial vowel in the following word, when the two words are drawn together.
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The property was listed by Patrick Valente of Coldwell Banker Residential and sold by Dalia Elison of Douglas Elliman Real Estate.
Tenders are invited for Repairs To Sofa Set In Various Units At Nbk And Offrs Md Accn At Kataribagh Comma Fernson Apartment Comma Elison Avenue And Viswanathan Apartments And Recaning Of Furniture Items Under Ge Nw Kochi
Renz Cortez, Aaron Carullo, Elison Honra, Gerald De Ada and Julius Herradula of Trace College went undefeated, hurdling nine other teams from different parts of the Bicol region.
These results extend the work of Conroy (2001), Elison, Lennon, and Pulos (2006), Partridge and Wiggins (2008), and Sagar and Stoeber (2009), who previously considered more generally athletes' experiences with feeling fear of failure in sport.
2) Para ahondar en la historia de la mision nipona, dentro de la extensa literatura academica que ha tratado el tema, recomendamos los siguientes trabajos, ya clasicos: Boxer 2001, Elison 1973, Bourdon 1993 y Oliveira e Costa 1999.
This is a book review of William Elison, Christian Lee Novetzke, and Andy Rotman, Amar Akbar Anthony: Bollywood, Brotherhood, and the Nation (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2016).
Elison, Lennon, and Pulos (2006) developed and validated the Compass of Shame Scale (CoSS), which they claimed as the first self-report measure specifically designed to assess how individuals regulate their shame once it is experienced.
Lulu Elison was going through a pile of 50-percent off books at NBS Cut-Price Sale (it runs until today) when she picked up 'Animal Querkles,' a puzzling color by numbers book.
Along these lines, Selgin (2003) employs Elison and Fudenberg's (1993) "rule of thumb" learning algorithm to consider whether fiat money can emerge naturally in economies starting with barter or commodity money.
Previous analysis of the main species showed a linear response in their abundance in relation to the environmental variables used, and the use of the RDA offers a greater percentage of the variance explained in comparison with the canonical correspondence analysis (CCA), which is more suitable when there is a unimodal response (Gotelli & Elison, 2011).
William Elison is a faculty member of Dartmouth College, New Hampshire.