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v. t.1.To extract.
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Tenders are invited for Annual Maintenance Contract Of Water Purification System Make Millipore 1 Elix And 2 Milli Q
The ABS/PC blend, from Elix Polymers, a specialist in ABS high performance materials, is being used to produce the compartments at the BMW Group plant at Landshut and used for a range of BMW car models, including the BMW 1 series, 3 series, 5 series and 5 Gran Turismo.
F elix Dennis has got another book of poetry out - his sixth.
The Elix Advantage system is a modular, easily adaptable solution that can be bench-integrated or wall-installed to fit the needs of today's labs.
ANY thoughts Bayern Munich backers had that F elix Magath's team were about to run away with the German title this season were dealt a blow in the Bavarians' 2-0 defeat at Hamburg on Saturday.
Designed to direct feed CLSI (NCCLS) Type I and II reagent-grade water to the majority of chemistry-immunoassay analyzers, the new Elix Clinical Systems use a patented electrodeionization technology to produce consistent, high-quality purified water.
has announced the benefits of their Elix Ultraviolet (UV) water purification system compared with distillation.
With this partnership, Elix is expected to be able to accelerate its time-to-market in the field of speech application development using voice XML and other speech technologies.
IBM is committed to delivering innovation on behalf of its customers and we look forward to helping AXA take advantage of the best in on demand technologies and business services," said Doug Elix, senior vice president and group executive, IBM Global Services.
Oropogon (Esslinger, 1989), Psiloparmelia (Elix & Nash, 1992), Stereocaulon (Lamb, 1977; Boekhout, 1982), Xanthoparmelia (Nash, Gries & Elix, 1995), and Umbilicaria (Sipman & Topham, 1992) and unpublished information on the genus Hypotrachyna in the Neotropics.
Doug Elix, currently general manager of IBM Global Services Americas, will replace Palmisano as Global Services chief.