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(ˈɛl kɪn)
Stanley, 1930–95, U.S. novelist and short-story writer.
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"The Syrians, if they ever want to, might use [these systems] to down an Israeli military or commercial plane over Israeli territory," Elkin said: "Considering the mess that is going on in the Syrian Army, shipping S-300s might lead to destabilization of the situation."
Elkin is concerned with the rapid demographic growth in these areas, and its impact on the balance between Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem.
Elkin's new album, Penny Collector, is dedicated to her father who died a couple of years ago after amassing several hundred thousand of the titular coins.
Lucy Colga's picture of Elkin Wood and (inset) picture by Jack Arthur Donald Downing
"I always tell people I've hated math my entire life," Elkin said, laughing.
"I don't think anyone should draw lessons from this or that statement," Elkin said.
" Elkin said, referencing US President Barack Obama's earlier statement saying that the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime would cross a line and lead to a shift in US policy.
Like his contemporaries, Elkin was concerned with identity in an increasingly irrational and haphazard world.
The late Stanley Elkin has a well-deserved reputation as a linguistic showman with an almost Shakespearean gift for high-flown diction, but to truly appreciate his accomplishments it helps to see him on the ground.
People discussing Elkin's work tend to focus on the way he verbed nouns and nouned verbs and piled description on top of description, and went off, as William Gass put it, on jazz-like riffs.
Elkin took to the stage solo and showed she is a committed performer with a winning personality.
Israeli lawmaker Zeev Elkin, head of the Likud party s parliamentary group in the Knesset, declined to explain the reasons for the visit but insisted secrecy was necessary.