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 (ĕl′ĭ-sən), Ralph Waldo 1914-1994.
American writer whose novels Invisible Man (1952) and Juneteenth (posthumously published, 1999) feature African-American characters struggling with issues of identity in American society.


(ˈɛl ə sən)

Ralph (Waldo), 1914–94, U.S. novelist.
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Noun1.Ellison - United States novelist who wrote about a young Black man and his struggles in American society (1914-1994)
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A Lit Fuse: The Provocative Life of Harlan Ellison is unparalleled in many ways: first, it represents a cooperative effort between a notably fiery personality and his selected biographer - one which required Ellison to give up control and information to create a biography that includes insights on and pieces from many of his works.
Novelistic looseness is by no means synonymous with formal incompletion, but in Ellison's case the two states have noticeable affinities, affinities made clearer by the case of the second novel (-to-be) that never followed Invisible Man as a finished novel but whose drafting occupied Ellison for nearly half his life.
Keith Ellison after a Facebook post referred to the Muslim lawmaker as "Minnesota's Head Muslim Goat Humper.
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Anybody from the Democratic side of the fence who's terrified of the possibility of a President Trump better vote, better get active, better get involved," Ellison warned, "because this man has got some momentum and we better be ready for the fact that he might be leading the Republican ticket.
Keith Ellison announced his bid to chair the Democratic National Committee, he quickly came under fire from critics for his early ties to the Nation of Islam and its anti-Semitic leader Louis Farrakhan.
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