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n.1.The praise bestowed on a person or thing; panegyric; eulogy.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The bishop had also written several elogia in prose on these individuals, and for each he invited a well-known poet, sometimes two, to contribute a short poem in addition to his own elogium.
(7) Ianus Vitalis' poem about Columbus belongs to this category (Liber quartus, elogium 3, 4).
Mucho se ha escrito sobre el elogium, mas que himno (14), pues el texto --sobre el que se han vertido rios de tinta-- no presenta la cadencia estrofica tipica de un himno griego, ni tampoco en una hipotetica version semitica (15).
Jean Brunel studies the elogium, its rhetoric and content, reconstructs the horizon of expectations of the contemporary reader, and explores its contributions to the political history and intellectual life of the sixteenth century.
El codice contiene las siguientes obras: Elogium Sancti Ildefonsi, de San Julian de Toledo; el tratado De virginitate Sanctae Mariae, con su prologo; el Prologo del copista Gomez --monje de San Martin de Albelda--a su copia del tratado ildefonsiano, destinada a Gotescalco, obispo de Le Puy-en-Velay, en el ano 951; y la Vita vel Gesta Sancti Ildefonsi, atribuida a San Eladio, arzobispo de Toledo.
In contrast to Jerome Bolsec and Richelieu, Masson carefully examines slanderous and otherwise clearly spurious allegations, and he distinguishes between the genres of elogium (praise) and vita (which can be critical and in this case is).
As to the unicorn, Baeza includes the elogium in his translated volume, but omits the round frame he provides for all other subjects, (28) and in the introductory materials includes two errata, one that "Folio.126.do dize Vnicornio a de dexir Rhinocerote" (Tabla).