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(ɛˈlɔr ə, ɛˈloʊr ə)

also Elura

a village in S central India: important Hindu archaeological site.
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Contract roles included General Manager at Pasminco's Elura Mine and subsequent management of the Endeavour Mine processing plant.
Here, he discussed his work with Fritz Machlup, an eminent Austrian-American economist, and his student Edith Elura Tilton Penrose, who is best known for her theory of economic growth, which is based on the acquisition of knowledge by the firm (Connell, 2008).
Around 1999 I bought a bunch of Canon's first Elura Camcorders because they combined these features with small size and a high image quality for barely $1,000.
The black gravel made an interesting yet non-intrusive "matrix" for all sorts of fabulous things, from nuggets of fire opal to elaborate jewelry pieces to wonderful specimens of (for example) green mimetite from the Elura mine, crocoite from Tasmania, and dozens of species from Broken Hill.
Eighteen men and 18 women were filmed from four different views during all seven water-jumps during two 3000 m steeplechase races (2006 USATF National Championships and 2006 Cardinal Invitational at Stanford University) with digital video cameras running at 60Hz with a shutter speed of 1/250 s (Canon Elura 60, Lake Success, NY).
I needed his help figuring out how to connect the small Canon Elura point-and-shoot camcorder to the professional camera used by most television stations.
Edith Elura Tilton Penrose: Life Contribution and Influence, in Pitelis, C.
Burgess, Report on the Elura Cave Temples and Brahmanical and Jaina Caves in Western India (Archaeological Survey of Western India, vol.
Its Elura line, ranging from $550 to $699, allows for digital video and still digital camera photos.
We are raising funds for the St Mary's Trust - 80 per cent of the children in the Indian village of Elura don't go to school, and we have already raised more than pounds 2,000 for them.
78 (Table 4, Figure 2), which shows that the lead in the feedstock at that time was derived mainly from geologically young Australian mineral deposits, such as those found at Woodlawn and Elura (Cobar district) in NSW and/or at Tasmanian mines such as Rosebery, Que River, and Hellyer (em2).
The Canon Elura 50 is the latest in Canon's line of DV camcorders to include a Direct Print feature, allowing users to connect directly to a Canon Bubble Jet Direct Printer and the Card Photo Printer CP-10 dye-sublimation printer.