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 (ē′lē), Isle of
A region of east-central England with extensive drained fens. The name Isle comes from the high ground amid the fens; Ely probably refers to the eels formerly found in the fens. The city of Ely is noted for its cathedral, dating from the 11th century and one of the largest in England.


1. (Placename) a cathedral city in E England, in E Cambridgeshire on the River Ouse. Pop: 13 954 (2001)
2. (Placename) a former county of E England, part of Cambridgeshire since 1965


(ˈi li)

Isle of, a former county in E England: now part of Cambridgeshire.
References in classic literature ?
It rises or falls for rain and fine, with much or less wind, and one end is "Nly" and the other "Ely" (what's Ely got to do with it?
Why, lads, did I not meet that mad wag Simon of Ely, even at the famous fair at Hertford Town, and beat him in the ring at that place before Sir Robert of Leslie and his lady?
That may be," said the Tinker right sturdily, "but I am more deft than he, for did I not overcome Simon of Ely in a fair bout in the ring at Hertford Town?
I could bar ely hear the answering voice--it was so faint; and it uttered but one word: "No
Ely advocated strong freedom of association protection, pointing to the Court's decision in NAACP v.
Ely, originally from Dumbarton, is wanted for tricking a top playwright out of almost pounds 11,000 in London.
For the most part this story is set in Dallas, the home of his parents and grandparents, but there are also brief forays to California, Colorado, and Connecticut to follow his aunt, sister, and brother, and to Chicago, Korea, and New York, where Ely spends his post-Dallas years.
Ely then continues with a lengthy discussion of an issue that has intrigued him over time--the interrelationship of state and federal law.
Mum-of-three Ely, of Drumchapel, Glasgow, said making speeches was all very well - but Blair should LISTEN as well.
The geologic record of floods therefore offers a means of charting the frequency of El Ninos, suggests Ely.
Hamilton project, Ely Gold has entered into a series of transactions to acquire a portfolio of assets in the Abitibi Gold Camp in Quebec.
The old Ely/Town route was from Ely Bridge, past Ely Brewery (Ely Ales - Best in Wales