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n.1.A freed convict.
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There is much jealousy between the children of the rich emancipist and the free settlers, the former being pleased to consider honest men as interlopers.
He drafted charts for Governor Bligh and produced several 'Views' which were published by emancipist Absalom West in 1812, the earnings enabling Eyre to leave the colony the same year.
He earns his pardon, and his longing for a piece of land he can call his own leads him to join other emancipist settlers along the lower reaches of the Hawkesbury.
At the colonial level it is difficult to determine the proportion of Catholics in each class but we do know that nearly all the Catholic adults were either convict or emancipist and that the majority of convict women were Catholic.
Let character alone be the criterion employed in determining who are to be admitted,' it urged, 'and let that criterion be equally applicable to all classes, whether Emigrant, Australian, or Emancipist.
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On 17 July 1803, the wealthy emancipist Simeon Lord advertised in the Sydney Gazette for the return of his copy of Clara Reeve's popular Gothic novel The Old English Baron (1777).
The flow of ineffectives was sufficiently large, however, to leave a significant invalid emancipist legacy.
To explain such neglect, I return to 1828 when Coleridge began to publicize the work of an exile-poet who (poetry apart) occupied himself as emancipist, journalist/editor and great white hunter on the frontier of the Cape Colony (Griggs 1951).
Her attempt to become the 'mistress of her own actions', as suggested by The Atlas newspaper, resulted in her father, Dublin Emancipist Martin Gill, attempting to shoot her daughter's thirty-eight year old suitor.
16) As well as Blaxcell and William Campbell, he also had financial dealings with Simeon Lord, an influential emancipist merchant.
the Emancipist and convict majority felt that Donohoe posed no threat to them.