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Noun1.Embiotocidae - viviparous percoid fishes comprising the surf fishes
fish family - any of various families of fish
order Perciformes, order Percomorphi, Perciformes, Percomorphi - one of the largest natural groups of fishes of both marine and fresh water: true perches; basses; tuna
surfperch, surf fish, surffish - small to medium-sized shallow-water fishes of the Pacific coast of North America
genus Hipsurus, Hipsurus - a genus of Embiotocidae
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We have identified several curious differences in male external reproductive structures between black perch and other embiotocids. We are conducting a more comprehensive study of the intromittent organs of the embiotocid family.
Biomarkers of hydrocarbon exposure and sublethal effects in embiotocid fishes from a natural petroleum seep in the Santa Barbara Channel.
Habitat and distribution of three species of embiotocid fishes in the Zostera marina belt of Odawa Bay.
DeMartini's (1988) study of kelp perch supports this conclusion, as do several other studies of embiotocid species, which have revealed similar aggressive behavior in males (Hubbs, 1921; Shaw & Allen, 1977; Hixon, 1981).
A study of the orientations of selected embiotocid fishes to depth and shifting seasonal vertical temperature gradients.
A study of the orientation of selected embiotocid fish to depth and shifting seasonal vertical temperature gradients.
These include the scorpaenid Sebastichthys chrysomelas Jordan & Gilbert 1881 (now Sebastes chrysomelas) (USNM 26968), which has been recatalogued as UF 173480; and the embiotocids Ditrema atripes Jordan & Gilbert 1880 (now Phanerodon atripes) and Aheona aurora Jordan & Gilbert 1880 (now Micrometrus aurora).