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v. em·braced, em·brac·ing, em·brac·es
1. To clasp or hold close with the arms, usually as an expression of affection.
2. To surround or enclose: "the bold chalk ridge that embraces the prominences of Hambledon Hill" (Thomas Hardy).
3. To include or contain as part of something broader. See Synonyms at include.
4. To adopt or support willingly or eagerly: embrace a social cause.
5. To avail oneself of: "I only regret, in my chilled age, certain occasions and possibilities I didn't embrace" (Henry James).
To join in an embrace.
1. An act of holding close with the arms, usually as an expression of affection; a hug.
2. An enclosure or encirclement: caught in the jungle's embrace.
3. Eager acceptance: his embrace of socialism.

[Middle English embracen, from Old French embracer : en-, in; see en-1 + brace, the two arms; see brace.]

em·brace′a·ble adj.
em·brace′ment n.
em·brac′er n.
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  1. Almost completely covered by MaButhelezi’s big arms, like a blanket of flesh —Njabulo Ndebele
  2. Clasped each other like a pair of abandoned children —Natascha Wodin
  3. Clinch like lovers at the final fade out —George Garrett
  4. Curled up together like a pair of old dogs —Jean Thompson
  5. Drawing her toward him he held her and squeezed her out like a bit of old washing —Edna O’Brien
  6. Drew her to him, crushing her like a pale flower to his breast —Peter De Vries
  7. Drew the child to her as if she were a springing young tree —Elizabeth Taylor
  8. Embraced Himiko [name of a character] like a bear hugging an enemy —Kenzaburo Oe
  9. Embraced him like a hot, wet towel —William H. Hallhan
  10. Embraced like bears —Madison Smartt Bell
  11. Embrace like penpals —Ira Wood
  12. Embraces are keen like pain —Algernon Charles Swinburne
  13. Her embrace was clumsy like a bad dancer’s —John Braine
  14. Her long thin arms came up to wind about him and inexorably, like tight thin wires, to hold him down —H. E. Bates
  15. His arm around her felt as if she’d been born with it there —William Mcllvanney
  16. His arms are like a cradle in which she is warm and safe —Alvin Boretz, television program, 1986
  17. Hold hands like teenagers, fingers meshed like the teeth of rusty gears —Ira Wood
  18. Lay locked like human vines —Charles Bukowski
  19. Let our arms clasp like ivy —John Donne
  20. Locked in a profound embrace … like Ahab and the whale —A. R. Guerney, Jr.
    Guerney’s simile refers to the guests in his play The Perfect Party.
  21. Marg’s long tanned body entwined Fencer’s like a constricting serpent —Robert Stone
  22. Pressed herself upon me like someone pressing upon a bruise —Lawrence Durrell
  23. She vibrated in his arms like a tuning fork —Andrew Kaplan
  24. Snuggled up together like spoons in bed —Phyllis Naylor
  25. They’d lie together, like a four-armed creature fearful of amputation —Julia O’Faolain
  26. Was so huge and soft it was like embracing a cloud and sinking down —Lee Smith
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References in classic literature ?
It will have been seen that the Heidelburgh Tun of the Sperm Whale embraces the entire length of the entire top of the head; and since --as has been elsewhere set forth --the head embraces one third of the whole length of the creature, then setting that length down at eighty feet for a good sized whale, you have more than twenty-six feet for the depth of the tun, when it is lengthwise hoisted up and down against a ship's side.
When the god had accomplished the deed of love, he took her hand in his own and said, 'Tyro, rejoice in all good will; the embraces of the gods are not fruitless, and you will have fine twins about this time twelve months.
I must go and see them that I may make peace between them; they have been quarrelling, and are so angry that they have not slept with one another this long while; if I can bring them round and restore them to one another's embraces, they will be grateful to me and love me for ever afterwards."
The happiness of having such a sister was their first effusion, and the fair ladies mingled in embraces and tears of joy.
Haggard Saint Antoine had had only one exultant week, in which to soften his modicum of hard and bitter bread to such extent as he could, with the relish of fraternal embraces and congratulations, when Madame Defarge sat at her counter, as usual, presiding over the customers.
had granted the favor of being buried in Saint Laurent, in better company, they found among all those hideous carcasses two skeletons, one of which held the other in its embrace. One of these skeletons, which was that of a woman, still had a few strips of a garment which had once been white, and around her neck was to be seen a string of adrézarach beads with a little silk bag ornamented with green glass, which was open and empty.
Then as to the analysis of the ancients and the algebra of the moderns, besides that they embrace only matters highly abstract, and, to appearance, of no use, the former is so exclusively restricted to the consideration of figures, that it can exercise the understanding only on condition of greatly fatiguing the imagination; and, in the latter, there is so complete a subjection to certain rules and formulas, that there results an art full of confusion and obscurity calculated to embarrass, instead of a science fitted to cultivate the mind.
Aramis and Athos embraced like old men; and this embrace itself being a question for Aramis, he immediately said, "My friend, we have not long to remain with you."
Anna Mikhaylovna instantly guessed her intention and stooped to be ready to embrace the countess at the appropriate moment.
But I only went to see him when that phase came over me, and when my dreams had reached such a point of bliss that it became essential at once to embrace my fellows and all mankind; and for that purpose I needed, at least, one human being, actually existing.
"Embrace, with all your heart, the vicomte, for your devoted, friend,
I love heat and my sister loves cold--come here and let me embrace you, and then I'll go home at once.' And before the King had time to reply, the Fire-son seized him in a tight embrace.