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A drug, C23H31Cl2NO3, that combines the actions of estrogen and nitrogen mustard in the treatment of prostate cancer.

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Lexi Pharma team members have collectively filed 15 New Drug Applications and have been involved in the development and launch of successfully marketed products including: Byetta, Bydureon, Camptosar, Dacogen, Ellence, Emcyt, Erbitux, Folotyn, Panretin, Symlin, Sutent, Targretin, Vidaza, Velcade, and Zarnestra.
A parallel study comparing Taxotere and estramustine (Emcyt), an antineoplastic compound that contains estradiol and is approved for prostate cancer, to mitoxantrone and prednisone found about a 1.9 month survival advantage for the patients receiving Taxotere, said Dr.
* For men with hormone-refractory prostate cancer, the use of docetaxel (Taxotere, Rhone-Poulenc Rorer) plus the nitrogen mustard estramustine phosphate (Emcyt, Pharmacia & Upjohn) appears to help men whose prostate cancers no longer respond to treatment with synthetic estrogen and antiandrogens.