n.1.A green compound used as a dyestuff, produced from aniline blue when acted upon by acid.
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The CV of PANI clearly indicates two redox transitions (C1/A1, C2/A2); one represents transition of PANI from neutral leucoemeraldine to conductive emeraldine state (at 0.
It is well known that PANI exists in three different oxidation states (leucoemeraldine, emeraldine, and pernigraniline); only polyemeraldine is electrically conductive.
Armelin, E, Aleman, C, Iribarren, JI, "Anticorrosion Performances of Epoxy Coatings Modified with Polyaniline: A Comparison Between the Emeraldine Base and Salt Forms.
Oxidizing aniline via aqueous polymerization pathway is believed to produce polyaniline with a structure most resembling that of the idealized emeraldine oxidation state; polyaniline produced in this fashion typically possesses a granular morphology of irregular shaped micron sized particles [16].
Due to its excellent environmental stability in the undoped as well as in the doped state, polyaniline in its oxidation state of emeraldine is considered as a very promising material for many industrial applications.
These peaks show transformation of leucoemeraldine to emeraldine and emeraldine to pernigeraniline states of the polymer [50].
Thus, the optical absorption spectroscopy reveals the formation of the emeraldine salt (ES) form along with some other oxidation-state species.
The nonconducting emeraldine base form of PANI and its derivatives can be converted into the partly protonated, highly conducting emeraldine salt form simply by treating them with mineral acids [15].
Vibrational analysis of polyanilne A comparative study of leucoemeraldine, emeraldine, and pernigraniline bases.
JP, "A Silane Pre-Treatment for Improving Corrosion Resistance Performances of ( Emeraldine Base-Coated Aluminium Samples in Neutral Environment.
PANI has three basic structures, namely a fully reduced leucoemeraldine base (LEB), a fully oxidized pernigraniline base (PNB), and a half-oxidized/half-reduced emeraldine base (EB) state.
The PAni can mainly occur in three forms, fully reduced leucoemeraldine, partially oxidized emeraldine base, and fully oxidized pernigraniline.