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Of or relating to phenomena considered as meaningful structural units within a system such as a language or culture.

[From (phon)emic.]

e′mi·cal·ly adv.


of or relating to the role specific elements play in a significant system (such as linguistics)


(ˈi mɪk)

of or pertaining to a significant unit that functions in contrast with other units in a language or other system of behavior. Compare etic.
[1950–55; extracted from phonemic]
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We go back to the origins of emic and etic in linguistics and conduct a linguistic and philosophical analysis of these terms to demonstrate that the emic-etic distinction is not helpful for adequately studying cross-cultural data.
In an effort to study both emic and etic dimensions of religious coping, the study also analyzes these responses within the framework of Pargament and colleagues' (1998; 2000) religious coping constructs to determine responses that are consistent with findings across other cultures (etic) and to identify and describe responses that are culturally specific to Guatemala and Kenya (emic).
For instance, she calls our attention to the distinction, introduced as long ago as 1968 by the German scholar Roland Harweg, between emic and etic openings of narratives.
Bracketing the autobiographical narratives are two theoretical chapters exploring the implications of the narratives from both emic and etic perspectives on multilingualism.
To have a balanced view of today's "Chinese values," we adopt Pike's (1967) dual emic and etic approaches and Berry's (1989) emics-derived-etics approach in culture studies.
Two mater possibilities for studying cultures are emic and etic approaches.
He tackles the questions of emic and etic values in music analysis in approaching a truthful representation of Indigenous music, and the related question of ethical practice, whether it would be dishonest not to accept responsibility for one's analyses of Indigenous musics.