Emile Coue

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Noun1.Emile Coue - French psychotherapist who claimed that if one imagined one was getting better, one would get better (1857-1926)
clinical psychologist, psychotherapist - a therapist who deals with mental and emotional disorders
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Schultz also developed a series of mental exercises based on his study of hallucinations, and these formulas were introduced in an advanced stage of training for therapeutic purposes and are similar to the techniques proposed by Emile Coue in his book Self-mastery Through Conscious Auto-suggestion, first published in 1922.
AT THE END of the 20th century, a French pharmacist-turned-hypnotist-turned-self-motivationist, Emile Coue by name, believed that people would be happier and more productive if they could get to know and like themselves.
In the 1920s, the world was further softened up by French psychologist Emile Coue who invented the concept of self-affirmation through autosuggestion.