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n.1.See Lanier.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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ISBN 978-9971-69-818-8; translated by Emilia Lanier; first published in French by CNRS Editions, 2012.
Mailman, volunteer and board member; Corporate Citizen of the Year, Bowditch & Dewey; Campaign Committee of the Year Award, UMass Memorial Health Care; Employee Campaign Coordinator Award, Linda Weger of Travelers of Massachusetts; Labor Services - Community Hero Award, Paul Bartholomew, United Steelworkers member; and Inspired by Example Awards, Community Mediation Center Volunteer Corps, Lisa Bowling, Emilia Lanier and Stanley Muncherian.
He posits several possibilities, several times: Lucy Morgan or Lucy Negro or Black Luce or Emilia Lanier or Mistress Davenant (thought to have borne Shakespeare an illegitimate child).
Others who have put forward their own candidates include Michael Wood in the TV series Shakespeare His Life and Times (2003), Rowse, of course, who trumpeted the cause of Emilia Lanier, a Sephardic Jewess who moved through the Globe Theatre as a musician.
While the Sonnets, certainly not published by Shakespeare -- with their too intimately revealing story of his dependence on Southampton and his infatuation with Emilia Lanier -- are carelessly proof-read.