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or Em·men·thal  (ĕm′ən-täl′) also Em·men·tal·er or Em·men·thal·er (-täl′ər)
A firm, pale yellow cheese with large holes and a sweet, nutty flavor.

[German Emmentaler, after Emmental, valley of west-central Switzerland where it was first produced.]
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Noun1.Emmental - Swiss cheese with large holes
Swiss cheese - hard pale yellow cheese with many holes from Switzerland
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The President Emmental cheese and butter brand is to get its first advertising in three years with the launch of a 1.
Mature cheddar and Stilton were out, Emmental and Brie in.
Combining mature tangy Cheddar and Emmental with a layer of Dijon mustard, the tasty Bakehouse savoury is twisted three times by hand and topped with the 100% cheese mix to create a moist, melt in the mouth pastry that is the light alternative to traditional pastry savouries.
They are epic cheeses like Emmental, Gruyere, Appenzeller, Raclette, Tete de Moine, and Sbrinz.
The Regional Hospital Emmental AG asked to submit contract offers for the sick pay insurance, compulsory accident insurance under UVG and accident insurance.
Lactalis McLelland, which already offered sliced and grated formats for its Seriously Strong, Galloway and President Emmental lines as well as slices of its President Brie, launched a 9%-fat version of its Emmental Slices this year, for instance.
Interesting new processing solutions will also be introduced at the plant, where the main products are Emmental, Edam and Turunmaa - a granular type of cheese - and demineralised whey powder.
Mahon is not known as a cooking cheese and indeed, is never used as such in its native land, although in its youngest version it melts rather well and could be substituted for an Emmental-type cheese -- the question would be why if one could use Emmental.
Emmental cheese types pasteurized cow~s milk, cooked pressed,
Tomorrow don't miss your vanilla and gingerbread cheesecake from Stuart Gillies and James Martin's spinach and emmental cheese double-baked souffle - delicious
The TV advertising for Babybel is strong so I think this will be enough to draw people into trying the different variants, such as the Emmental variety.
These 27cm baguettes are available in Italian meatball, Smokin' Turkey and Roast beef, and Emmental flavours, and are ideal for retailers with a bake-off facility.