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Noun1.Emmy Noether - German mathematician (1882-1935)
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ENPNewswire-August 27, 2019--TU Dresden: Where quantum events decide; DFG grants Emmy Noether junior research group 'Quantum Critical Matter' for TUD researcher Lukas Janssen
While the book mainly deals with mathematical explanations, it offers some biographical material on physicist Emmy Noether, the founder of modern abstract algebra and a contemporary of Einstein.
In our attempt to select representative women mathematicians we must omit several important figures of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to consider Emmy Noether (1882-1935), to many, the greatest woman mathematician of all time.
Mathematician Emmy Noether was born into an unequal world.
Among the topics are the remarkable career of Otto Grun, Emmy Noether and Hermann Weyl, Abraham Robinson and his infinitesimals, Cahit Arf and his invariant, Heinrich-Wolfgang Leopoldt, and Hoechsmann's theorem.
Tent, a teacher of middle-school mathematics, helps young readers understand how unusual it was for Emmy Noether to earn a doctorate from the U.
Women paleontologists, biologists, chemists, physicians, astronomers, geologists, entomologists, botanists, engineers, and three mathematicians (Hypatia, Sonya Kovalevsky, and Emmy Noether) are included.
ENPNewswire-August 5, 2019--Universitat Hamburg: New Emmy Noether group studies complex materials