Emperor Francis II

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Noun1.Emperor Francis II - the last Holy Roman Emperor (1768-1835)Emperor Francis II - the last Holy Roman Emperor (1768-1835)
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- Demonstrators hit French city streets again on March 16, for a 18th consecutive week of nationwide protest against the French President's policies and his top-down style of governing, high cost of living, government tax reforms and for more 'social and economic justice.' 'Napoleon Bonaparte commissioned the architect Jean Chalgrin to design and build the triumphal arch in 1806 to celebrate his victory at the Battle of Austerlitz against the Russian and Austrian armies led by the Emperor Alexander I and Holy Roman Emperor Francis II. However, with the defeat of Napoleon and the Bourbon Restoration, work on the Arc was halted and it was only completed in 1836.
There, on the plains of Moravia, Bonaparte's Grande Armee defeated the combined forces of Russia's Tsar Alexander I and the Holy Roman Emperor Francis II - despite commanding a much smaller force.
Further treasures entered the couple's collection soon after when in 1796 the Holy Roman Emperor Francis II exchanged 500 drawings from the Imperial Court Library for a large number of prints.