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 (grā′shən, -shē-ən) Full name Flavius Augustus Gratianus. ad 359-383.
Emperor of Rome (367-383) who ruled jointly (from 379) with Theodosius I.


(Biography) Latin name Flavius Gratianus. 359–383 ad, Roman emperor (367–383): ruled with his father Valentinian I (367–375); ruled the Western Roman Empire with his brother Valentinian II (375-83); appointed Theodosius I emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire (379)


(ˈgreɪ ʃi ən, -ʃən)

(Flavius Gratianus) A.D. 359–383, Roman emperor 375–383.
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When, in 378, Valens, the emperor in the east, was killed at the battle of Adrianople against the Goths, the western emperor Gratian appointed Theodosius, a tough Spanish soldier, to replace him.
Over the next few years Ambrose gradually solidified his relationship with the emperor Gratian, who himself turned against the Homoian party only after the Eastern Emperor Theodosius had begun to mandate Nicene orthodoxy as the "divine religion" in 381.
In the preface Ambrose states that the emperor Gratian wrote to him requesting a libellum explaining his faith: Tu quoque, sancte imperator Gratiane .