Emperor of Rome

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Noun1.Emperor of Rome - sovereign of the Roman EmpireEmperor of Rome - sovereign of the Roman Empire  
emperor - the male ruler of an empire
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117: Hadrian became Emperor of Rome. 1834: The Poor Law Amendment Act was passed, abandoning the system of outdoor relief by which parishes looked after their poor and replacing it with the workhouse.
117: Hadrian - famous for his Wall - became Emperor of Rome.
Since he was the emperor of Rome, the theater had no reason to bar him from acting on stage.
The Birth of Jesus to the Blessed Mother during the days of Caesar Augustus, the emperor of Rome who ruled from 27 B.C.
What have you done?' So, Jesus must answer and state whether or not He is aspiring to be a king and therefore guilty of treason against the emperor of Rome. 'My kingdom does not belong to this world.' No emperor, king or leader need to be worried about Him, because He is not intent on some power-grab in rivalry to anyone.
And by the way, Egyptian queen Cleopatra committed suicide following the defeat of her army against Octavian Augustus who became the first emperor of Rome, preferring death to dominance by the latter.
But what a shame his ally Octavius, played by Jon Tarcy, almost comically verges on camp - and this from a future emperor of Rome.
And while Mark Antony (James Corrigan) rouses the crowd on and off stage, Octavius (Jon Tarcy) is as far removed from future emperor of Rome as the Eternal City is from Stratford.
Totti, known as "Emperor of Rome" has been said to transfer to one of the clubs in U.S.
Augustus: First Emperor of Rome. By Adrian Goldsworthy.
Fifteen years ago, Caesar escaped assassination, and went on to be crowned Emperor of Rome. His son by Cleopatra, Caesarion, carries the blood of Mars, Venus, Isis, and Osiris in his veins - but will the power that the gods have granted him, be enough to secure his hold on Rome after his father's death?