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Noun1.empirical research - an empirical search for knowledge
inquiry, research, enquiry - a search for knowledge; "their pottery deserves more research than it has received"
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It is hoped that future research will examine more closely each of the transformational learning processes in this model in diverse settings to provide additional empirical evidence confirming that the transformative potential of service-learning is not just hopeful speculation.
ONE EXPLANATION FOR the continuing popularity of religion, despite the growing body of empirical evidence to refute the foundational truth claims of most world religions, is that humans naturally gravitate towards certainty.
However, the genomic model assumes a long, multistep process of macromolecular synthesis; it does not fully account for empirical evidence that the signal response to some hormones is so fast it must be initiated outside the cell via membrane receptors connected to fast-acting molecules.
This study "is the first to provide empirical evidence that seemingly minor differences in call design can have real behavioral consequences," say Brock Fenton of the University of Western Ontario in London and John Ratcliffe of the University of Toronto at Mississauga in the same issue of Nature.
The trouble is there is no empirical evidence that these teachers are in fact more effective than teachers without NBPTS certification.
Empirical evidence, primarily from social psychological research, is examined to illuminate the layperson's construal of responsibility.
These test results indicate that, contrary to the prevailing view, there is no empirical evidence of any statistically significant impact of trade on wage inequality in the U.
Men who sought confirmation in empirical evidence and scientific measurement had little use for commonplace books.
The historical development and ultimate destruction of her group and philosophy is the empirical evidence that documents this assertion.
Investors often assume that real interest rates are stable over time, at least beyond cyclical volatility, but empirical evidence does not validate that.
Although there is no empirical evidence to prove it, it is probably true that one exclusive broker will put more effort into an assignment than the aggregate effort of numerous non-exclusive brokers.

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