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Noun1.empirical research - an empirical search for knowledge
inquiry, research, enquiry - a search for knowledge; "their pottery deserves more research than it has received"
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For the sake of our region's tourist industry it is just as well not even the most irrefutable empirical evidence could ever dampen enthusiasm for the legend.
In fact there is substantive empirical evidence to suggest that early marriages result in a larger number of offspring.
Sufficient empirical evidence suggests the SBP created excessive inflation and distortions in the economy that hindered economic growth in the last half a century
Empirical Evidence on Benefits of Kinesiology Tapes Can Open Up Sizeable Opportunities Interest in kinesiology tapes piqued as athletes from around the globe have sported it while participating in prestigious international tournaments.
Hood, Hill, and Spilka evaluate the psychology of religion from an empirical perspective, considering theories only as they can be and have been supported by empirical evidence. In this edition they incorporate the growth of spirituality outside of organized religion, the role of the John Templeton Foundation in funding projects in the field, and the continuing impact of 9/11 on religious fundamentalism.
In a new policy paper entitled "Quarry Operations and Property Values: Revisiting Old and Investigating New Empirical Evidence," Phoenix Center scholars Dr.
FAISALABAD -- Statistical data with empirical evidence was imperative to make right decisions, said University of Agriculture (UAF) Vice Chancellor Dr Mohammad Iqbal Zafar.
Show up and explain to the Senators, show them the empirical evidence that the police are not conducting extrajudicial killings, and if there are any extrajudicial killings, it is not state policy but the work of criminals,' Andanar told a Manila forum.
"Engineers make decisions based on empirical evidence." Well, the evidence is that the Brexit referendum is much more about deep divisions within the Conservative party than about the EU.
Based on the empirical evidence available to the EBA, the SME SF has not led to increased lending at this stage.
This appears to be consistent with empirical evidence. The model also fits several other empirical facts about the structure of the debt collection industry and its evolution over time.
To arrive at a normative conclusion in a logical way requires at least one normative premise, one that cannot be derived from empirical evidence alone.

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