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stock option

A right to buy or sell specific securities or commodities at a stated price within a specified time.
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stock′ op`tion

an option to buy or sell stock at a specific price within a stated period.
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Noun1.stock option - the right to buy or sell a stock at a specified price within a stated period
option - the right to buy or sell property at an agreed price; the right is purchased and if it is not exercised by a stated date the money is forfeited
call option - an option to buy
put option - an option to sell
2.stock option - a benefit given by a company to an employee in the form of an option to buy stock in the company at a discount or at a fixed price; "stock options are not much use as an incentive if the price at which they can be exercised is out of reach"
benefit - financial assistance in time of need
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Nevertheless, the ERC has emphasized that "the offer of the common shares of stock through an Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) or any other plan analogous thereto shall not be deemed as public offering."
Also, the offer of the common share of stock through a employee stock option plan (Esop) or any other similar plan shall not be deemed as public offering since the offer is limited only to the employees of the gencos and DUs, as against the general public to whom the offer is to be made.
For example, there is no simple way of creating an employee stock option plan to attract top talent to Lebanese startups.
For example, this month the bank provided an Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) loan for an Idaho company.
Infosys has also relaunched its employee stock option plan ( ESOP) for junior to middle level management staff as it looks to rein in attrition that had risen to 21% in the April- June 2016 quarter.
"Daman already has an employee stock option plan in place mainly with a view to retaining key talent within the firm.
As can be seen from the example, the application of the intrinsic value exercise date method is straightforward and provides an exact cost of the employee stock option plan. The authors hope that FASB will reconsider the use of this method for stock option awards, because it is consistent with the assumptions that the fair value of services rendered equals the fair value of compensation received and that this value is the difference between the market price of the stock and the exercise price of the options at the date of exercise.
One possibility is that an employee stock option plan could be the largest shareholder as long as greater than 75% of the plan's voting trustees and committee members are design professionals.
Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP)-- An employee stock option plan is a plan under which employees are granted options to acquire shares at an exercise price determined at the time the option is granted.
The company took another step to solidify that image this year when it completed its stock buy-back program, making it 100% owned by its employee stock option plan.
Internal transfer options include a management buyout, sale of shares through the Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) or gifting of shares, usually to the next generation of the owner's family.

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