workers' compensation

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work·ers' compensation

Payments required by law to be made to an employee who is injured or disabled in connection with work.
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Specialty areas included employers' liability, professional indemnity, general liability, financial institutions, professional liability and construction risks policies.
Jas is based in the personal injury department and advises on all aspects of personal injury cases including occupiers' liability, public liability, employers' liability and road traffic accident claims.She has more than 10 years experience and leads the firm's public and occupiers liability team.
Archibald concentrates his practice primarily on commercial law, workers' compensation defense and employers' liability in Maryland and the District of Columbia.
Zurich Insurance Group AG (ZURN:SIX) has agreed to sell its pre-2007 UK legacy employers' liability policies portfolio.
I have endeavoured to trace my employers' liability insurance, but one of the big firms which I believe took over my insurers say they no longer hold the records.
The Office of Insurance Regulation ("Office") has become aware that some insurance companies are entering into side agreements related to workers' compensation and employers' liability insurance policies.
More than one in 10 businesses admit they have chosen not to have employers' liability insurance, and the same number didn't know if they had it or not, according to Aviva's Working Lives report.
meanwhile, more than 350,000 small businesses which employ staffhave no employers' liability insurance and risk being fined PS2,500 a day by the Health and safety Executive (HsE).
This first large-scale academic study of employers' liability and workers' compensation is the result of a research project by the European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law in collaboration with the Institute for European Tort Law at the Austrian Academy of Sciences.
A few decades ago and thus relatively recently, two jurisdictions--the United Kingdom and the Netherlands--have abandoned workers' compensation for a combination of employers' liability with rather generous protection under the general system of social security.
The new scheme means all employers' liability insurers will be made liable for a portion of the compensation due.
Of the claims paid out, the force paid pounds 16,900 in employers' liability, pounds 2,482 in motor liability and pounds 73,511 in pubic liability.

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