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Noun1.employment contract - contract between employer and employee
contract - a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law
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The biggest complaint was the lack of employment agreements, an issue of equal concern for employers according to leading workplace specialists, Employsure.
More than 100,000 employment agreements have been completed using an online tool refreshed by Business.
In consolidated cases, the Tax Court denied the IRS summary judgment, concluding that the phrase "termination for cause" in the taxpayers' restricted stock and employment agreements did not have the same meaning as "discharged for cause" in Regs.
The IRS pointed out that under the express language of the employment agreements and the RSAs, the only time the taxpayers could receive less than the full value for their UMLIC S Corp.
Additionally, the company said that its vice chairman and chief lending officer, John Bohlsen, and chief operating officer Rajinder Singh have also extended their employment agreements.
Part of a series that bills itself as providing "readers with proven business intelligence fro C-Level executives and lawyers (Chairman, CEO, CFO, CMO, Partner) from the world's most respected companies and firms nationwide," this volume contains six articles from law firm partners (and one senior shareholder) on negotiating, designing, and drafting employment agreements for clients.
Employment agreements are the foundation for establishing the business's ownership of its intellectual property.
Aviation company Mesa Air Group Inc (Nasdaq: MESA) said on 20 November that its board of directors has approved certain amendments to the employment agreements for its chief executive officer Jonathan G Ornstein, its president and chief operating officer Michael J Lotz, and its executive vice president and general counsel Brian S Gillman.
Byron Kopman and David Romanoff, two of Regional's managers, will sign employment agreements and join Schnitzer's executive management team.
CPAs can maximize the tax benefits for their clients through careful tax structuring of the selling entity; transferring the selling entity's assets; and properly allocating the purchase price among sold assets, intangibles and employment agreements.
Recently, courts in Michigan have begun to fully embrace provisions in employment agreements that shorten the statute of limitations for employment actions.

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