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The group was welcomed at the embassy by the Ethiopian Ambassador to Qatar HE Samia Zekaria, Chairman of the Ethiopian Community Association and representatives of private employment agencies. The ambassador said this is the first group of domestic workers that arrived in Doha since 2012.
Only 79 private employment agencies have licenses, said the State Migration Service.
'The existing Private Employment Agencies (Amendment) Act 2017 stipulated under the agency will allow better organisation and adherence to the rule of law,' he said in Parliament after chairing the Foreign Workers Management Special Committee meeting which was also attended by Human Resources Minister M.
More than just well-known names placed in the list of the 10 largest employment agencies in Slovakia.More information about the Slovak labour marketPlease see our Career and Employment Guide.
Under the new legal provisions proposed by the Ministry of Labor, temporary employment agencies will have to pay employees salaries by the 15th day of the month if employers, that is, the agencies' clients, fail to do so.
Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) will adopt the new compulsory contract after recommendations of owners of licensed employment agencies and the outcome of workshops held to this effect are approved.
In a letter to its accredited employment agencies here, the office said it will also require agencies to submit more documents and will conduct random checks to deter employers from deducting maids' salaries.
Labour said the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate (EAS), which works with employment agencies, employers and workers, does not have enough resources.
The site offers a wide range of employment agencies ranging from executive job agency, employee leasing, career counseling, management, government job services and more.
When public employment agencies were first proposed in 1650, the

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