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Mr Cooper is multi-channel director and will manage partnership and franchise relationships, while Mr Empson becomes new brands director.
When he died, Empson had published five critical works, two volumes of poetry, and numerous periodical essays.
British poet, critic, and teacher whose anti-Romantic attitude was influenced by Sir William Empson.
The simile pays tribute to the angels' drill, but (as Bentley and Empson saw) it does not bode well for their performance in battle.
He and his pupil and associate William Empson, both poets themselves, were pioneers in the study of ambiguity in poetry.
Seven years ago, his war medals were bought by Suffolk historian and collector David Empson, who, with his mum Evelyn, 83, began researching Albert's story.
Resident Dick Empson said: "I first noticed them a week last Tuesday but they could well have been there before that.
The character, played by 3 Non Blondes star Tameka Empson (below), 33, made such an impact in November, EastEnders bosses have invited her back.
Eliot The Varieties of Metaphysical Poetry, Selected Letters of William Empson edited by John Haffenden, Philip Larkin: A Writer's Life by Andrew Motion, and Hugh Kenner's achievement.
Empson (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Canada) and Roth (Red River College, Canada) developed this guide to help IT professionals implement teleworker services, Frame-Mode MPLS, site-to-site IPsec VPN, Cisco Device Hardening and Cisco IOS Firewall.
Tim Empson from SAM gets a helping hand with his tie from Anna Moult.
One of the best-known examples of elusive tone occurs in Elegy 8, "To his Mistress going to bed," which William Empson, in a series of essays, made a litmus-paper test of Donne's honorable intentions.