empty calorie

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emp′ty cal′orie

a calorie whose food source has little or no nutritional value.
[1965–70, Amer.]
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With all the concern over soda's negative health effects, Sneaky Pete's now fills a much desired place on shelves, as it isn't just empty calories or filled with sugar but actually nutritious.
But you're still getting at least half a day's sodium plus lots of empty calories from the sugary syrup.
Producing RFID labels when you know that 30 to 40 percent or even 10 percent of their inlays will fail is a little like eating empty calories.
This use of mental justification for poor diet is a classic example of empty calories being eaten instead of nutritionally balanced meals," he added.
ZOBO has no empty calories, no additives and no preservatives, and it's a convenient, portable beverage.
But you're probably better off with a bit of sugar or honey (unless you're diabetic), even though they provide empty calories and promote tooth decay and obesity.
Each Baja Bob's Sugar Free Mix is made with Splenda and no gluten is added, to keep the taste real, without all those unwanted, empty calories.
Bolthouse Farms and Action Against Hunger Aim to Inspire Smart Food Choices; Santa's Switch from Cookies to Carrots Would Save More Than 8 Billion Empty Calories
Moz's face when one customer dares suggest alcohol is just empty calories is priceless.
They're mostly empty calories, they lead to weight-gain, they raise blood sugar levels, and they don't contribute the protective vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and unsaturated oils.
You get six cups of hot, fresh popcorn that provides a good source of fiber, instead of 100 empty calories of less nutritious, less satisfying fare.