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Noun1.Emydidae - box and water turtles
reptile family - a family of reptiles
terrapin - any of various edible North American web-footed turtles living in fresh or brackish water
genus Malaclemys, Malaclemys - American terrapins
genus Pseudemys, Pseudemys - sliders; red-bellied terrapin
genus Terrapene, Terrapene - box turtles
Chrysemys, genus Chrysemys - painted turtles
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Furthermore, re-examination of all specimens housed in the ROM collections has allowed us to conclude that there is no evidence of diagnostic characters to support the occurrence of Trachemys (Emydidae) turtles in the TTS, considering the most complete bones, including nuchal, costal, pygal and plastral elements (See Fig.
Epizoic Freshwater Algae on Emys orbicularis (Testudinata: Emydidae) from the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey.
Translating natural history into geographic space: a macroecological perspective on the North American Slider, Trachemys scripta (Reptilia, Cryptodira, Emydidae).
In this work, we examined the preferred temperature(s) and thermoregulatory behavior of nine different species of turtles (8 Testudinae and 1 Emydidae) in a semi-controlled environment.
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