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The En Pointe collection complements all aspects of the hustler lifestyle, but still stays true to the girly girl by offering millennial pink.
Cette nouvelle initiative souligne a la fois l'engagement d'Orange en Afrique, territoire de croissance oo actuellement pres d'un habitant sur dix est un client Orange, mais aussi sa volonte d'etre un acteur toujours en pointe des ecosystemes numeriques.
Produced by En Pointe Productions, The Jet Set is a new talk show designed to reinvent travel television.
The government alleged that, between 2011 and 2014, the defendants were liable for false representations that En Pointe Gov.
Le meilleur joueur du championnat belge, Hanni, a de fortes chances, apprend-on encore, d'etre place juste derriere l'ancien chelifien, Soudani, qui devrait etre incorpore en pointe.
Altered biomechanics from repetitive microtrauma, such as long practice hours in en pointe or demi pointe, predispose ballet dancers to a multitude of musculoskeletal pathologies, particularly in the lower extremities.
Including pro forma results from our acquisition of En Pointe in April 2015, we generated over USD 1.
And I say this every time I venture down to to the cabaret hot spot but the choreography was once again en pointe.
De son cote, Mouhcine Iajour, mis en pointe, a ete d'une grande aide pour ses coequipiers, en destabilisant par ses dribbles la defense du club egyptien.
Ella is ballet mad and has just started going en pointe.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-April 3, 2015-PCM announces completion of acquisition of En Pointe Technologies assets
His taxidermist chose to show him in mid-stride--the three toes of his right foot poised almost daintily en pointe, his rear legs astride with the kind of solid, jaunty confidence you sometimes see in excessively fit, elderly hikers.