Enacting clause

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that clause of a bill which formally expresses the legislative sanction.

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I was killing the enacting clause in order to have a vote, up or down, on this fundamental policy change.
20) Nonetheless, repeating the traditional enacting clause allows Parliament to demonstrate a loyalty that is important to its self-conception, as well as to the national identity of the polity it serves.
Senate struck all but the enacting clause and substituted division A of S.
8 with the following language: "Amendments: Strike all after the enacting clause and insert the following.
It is true that the 'general office of a proviso is to except something from the enacting clause, or to qualify and restrain its generality.
Not only was Labour seemingly enacting Clause 4, by seizing the commanding heights of the economy, but it was doing so with Tory support.
2622, to be discharged from the Senate Commerce Committee with the text after the enacting clause stricken and replaced by the text of S.
It might more properly be called the Enacting Clause of the Constitution (in which case we might view it as somewhat more important.
Senate struck all after the enacting clause and substituted the
On very rare occasions, a point of order can kill a bill - for example, if it calls attention to the lack of an enacting clause.
6/14/00 the House struck all but the enacting clause of S.
3773 was taken up, all but the enacting clause was stricken and the text of S.