n.1.The state of being enamored.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Undoubtedly, the rigid stability and gloomy calm of Wragby Hall are cold comfort for Connie, whose clear enamorment of the surrounding woodland suggests her mounting restiveness.
Thus, according to Campo, the weight of personal history bears down on the fabulist, who must negotiate a language of enamorment and loss in order to construct a tale of hope.
Pursuing political, religious, astrological, and literary lines of signification, Kirkham further argues persuasively that his Easter enamorment and long fictional relationship influenced Petrarch's with Laura rather than the other way around.
For example, H[ddot{u}]rrem Sultan's biography contained a similar pattern: a mamlukah beginning, the ruler's enamorment, the birth of a son, a junta at court in alliance with the ruler's elite guards, temporary ascendancy, competition with other harem women and her eventual demise.
Sonn, however, presses the point that Jawzi's enamorment of the Marxian system did not overshadow his interpretive methodology which was drawn rather from the Islamic theological and legal traditions.
For instance, with regard to the tension that Petrarch builds into the day of his enamorment, which he does by making it coincide with Good Friday, Boyle writes that the "description in the sonnet of enamorment would thus refer not to the eclipse of Good Friday but the classical figure of adynaton" (38).
By comparing Rinaldo's new attitude to his role as a civic-minded reader before his enamorment, I view the events as part of a more negative process.