Encaustic tile

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(Fine Arts) an earthenware tile which has a decorative pattern and is not wholly of one color.

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Avoiding the popular "Wolfe collection," whose anecdotic canvases filled one of the main galleries of the queer wilderness of cast-iron and encaustic tiles known as the Metropolitan Museum, they had wandered down a passage to the room where the "Cesnola antiquities" mouldered in unvisited loneliness.
In its booth, Granada plans on displaying a combination of new and classic products like the Echo collection encaustic tile patterns and the new low-relief tiles that will be displayed in a spectrum style to emphasize the expanded color palette.
The Flint Faience Tile Company had its origins in a meeting between Champion and Carl Bergmans, a Belgian ceramist working for the American Encaustic Tile Company in Zanesville, Ohio.
At the interior, elaborate woodwork was polished and conserved; original encaustic tile floors restored; leaded glass repaired; and lost features such as polychrome plaster moldings, wall coverings, textiles, and millwork recreated based on physical and documentary evidence, to create a tapestry-like unity of spaces in a project that took the owners and architect David Scott Parker a decade to complete.
The introduction of Gothic Revival stimulated the revival of the encaustic tile, and cheap, durable and beautiful, architectural ceramics provided the perfect material to decorate both interiors and exteriors.
Some years ago, the late Mr Herbert Minton presented to the then Duchess of Sutherland an elaborately manufactured encaustic tile floor for her residence at Clevedon, Bucks, and the property having passed in the possession of Mr Astor, the American millionaire, that gentleman has recently ordered a counterpart of it from the present firm of Messrs.
Different colours of clay were used to create an encaustic tile, meaning the design is created within the tile itself so it lasts for years.
He loves to point out original details inside the 1885 mansion, like the barely visible stained glass windows, the special lincrusta embossed wallpapering and the fancy encaustic tiles that cover the first floor.
Pops of bright orange against black-and-gray encaustic tiles reflect the owners' fondness for SoCal's classic desert colony.
Geometric encaustic tiles add graphic-design personality to ensuites, and many bathrooms have reclaimed bespoke Victorian bathtubs.
Here, mirroring the floor in the kitchen, the same encaustic tiles are used in the living and dining areas of the apartment, creating eye-catching worktops for a built-in sideboard (seen in this photo) and also the top of a coffee table next to the sofa (out of shot).
"The early tiles were based on the rich patterns of encaustic tiles, popularly known as Minton tiles, which were first produced in the 12th century by Cistercian monks.