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n.1.(Paleon.) A genus of extinct Cretaceous fishes; - so named from their spear-shaped teeth. They were allied to the pike (Esox).
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Teleostean teeth (Enchodus sp.) and otoliths (Chaetodipterus sp.
Lithological Outcrops Anomotodon Enchodus Chaetodipterus units sp.
Esta asociacion se compone fundamentalmente de restos de selaceos del orden de los Lamniformes, teleosteos del genero Enchodus y un unico diente mal preservado de un batoideo tentativamente asignado a cf.
Other marine vertebrates typically found in association with plesiosaurs include marine turtles (Whetstone, 1977; Kear, 2003) and various fishes, such as Enchodus, Coelodus, Oseroides, and Hoplopteryx (Ekrt et al., 2001).