n.1.The state of being an enclave.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Some areas addressed include Spanish chipped-stone technology in New Mexico, Yavapai structures in the Verde Valley, Apache projectile point design, federal recognition and Lipan Apache enclavement, and bison, trade, and warfare in the Late Prehistoric in southeastern New Mexico.
[beaucoup moins que] Concernant les supports, nous avons releve plusieurs types d'agression, a l'instar de l'enclavement du support par des clotures et sa deterioration [beaucoup plus grand que], precise-t-il.
There's a great deal more to look forward to in this year's festival, not least of which is Christos Georgiou's The Sea Remains -- the only documentary from Cyprus in this year's programme -- which narrates the story of an entire village on the northern edge of the island from the 1960s, through the invasion of 1974 and the years of enclavement, and up to 2015.
Wilkins demontre que ce district n'est pas seulement le theatre de la [much less than]Season[much greater than], mais que la sociabilite elitaire contribue a un enclavement de ce secteur, a la privatisation de certains de ses espaces et a d'importants mouvements de population a mesure que certains secteurs gagnent ou declinent en popularity Dans le meme esprit, Roquigny nous entraine dans les espaces de loisir de la bourgeoisie anglomontrealaise ou se pratique la danse.
This feeling of being abandoned or underestimated is made worse by lack of infrastructure, and the numerous differentials between countries (currency, political systems, prices and products availability and periodicity) stretches the lines of this territoriality of enclavement, scarcity and wariness.
In my view, the juxtaposition of the two misconceptions--ignorance about the Stolen Generations and obfuscation concerning genocide--is symptomatic of Manne's enclavement within a conversation among White people.
She states: One line of argument put forward by scholars who oppose this policy objective (notably, the late lohn Porter ...) is that encouragement of ethnic diversity and cultural distinctiveness fosters (implicitly, if not explicitly) ethnic separation, enclavement, and retention of traditional values.
Dans un tel contexte, marque par l'incertitude et des interpretations contradictoires, il est judicieux de revenir sur la segregation ethnique et sur ses effets : quel est le niveau d'enclavement des minorites dans les villes canadiennes ?
A supposer meme qu'un peuple autochtone ne soit pas organiquement un exemple de la survivance contemporaine d'une communaute politique seculaire dont les prerogatives auraient survecu a son enclavement etatique, le statut, les pouvoirs et les fonctions qui sont en pratique reconnus au groupe en vertu des droits ancestraux suffiront pour distinguer le peuple autochtone d'une entite purement privee.