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n.1.(Gram.) The art of declining and conjugating words.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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xa-mhe 'old man' (8) Few nouns suffix -mhe There are, however, two plural enclitics that can be added to nouns.
The ratios of enclitics are within the same range, except for The Insatiate Countess act V: much lower.
His starting point is Wackernagel's Law generalizing word order in the archaic Indo-European languages that enclitics and postpositives occur "second" in their clause, and uses Herodotus' Histories, a fifth-century BCE text in the Ionic dialect, as his test case.
The absence of initial */dV-/ in Khotanese is disguised in the normalized transcription where it appears that some words begin with tV-*/dV-/, but these are actually all enclitics. The Leumanns' Glossar to Z, for example, lists tan- enclitic form of yan- 'make, do', -tarana- compound form of karana- 'deed', tatu~tavu~gavu 'time, while', tamu~gamu '-wise, -ways', and ta GDSm enclitic pronoun 'him' (p.
Morphology in the wrong place: a survey of preposed enclitics. Morphology and its demarcations, ed.
This asymmetry can be analyzed as follows: final and penultimate stress shift in imperative phrases is part of the indigenous grammar of the dialect, but this stress pattern is constrained by morpho-syntactic considerations, such as the number and form of enclitics. For example, while the accusative enclitic used in isolation /ru/ can be stressed (4(b)), the accusative enclitic used in a clitic cluster /u/ cannot (3(c)).
In summary, there are differences between the dialects regarding the unmarked position of the possessive, the use of enclitics and the use of the definite article.
The first volume contains the introduction--which includes discussions of sounds and spelling and phonology and orthography, and dialects--and a Yup'ik-English dictionary of base words; the second contains postbases, endings, enclitics, appendices, and an English-to-Yup'ik index.
Enclitics joined to verbs do not shorten long stressed vowels, even though open syllables become closed as a result.