v. t. & i.1.See Increase.
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(which I have now also translated into Latine) and my Portions of Naturall History, to the Prince: And these I dedicate to your Grace; Being of the best Fruits, that by the good Encrease, which God gives to my Pen and Labours, I could yeeld.
He bore it too with the greater impatience, as it appeared to him very indecent at this season; "When," as he said, "the house was a house of mourning, on the account of his dear mother; and if it had pleased Heaven to give him some prospect of Mr Allworthy's recovery, it would become them better to express the exultations of their hearts in thanksgiving, than in drunkenness and riots; which were properer methods to encrease the Divine wrath, than to avert it." Thwackum, who had swallowed more liquor than Jones, but without any ill effect on his brain, seconded the pious harangue of Blifil; but Square, for reasons which the reader may probably guess, was totally silent.
O voice once heard Delightfully, ENCREASE AND MULTIPLY, Now death to heare!
on the contrarie shoulder with the rod: and if you would yet encrease
This reading of the churching service is consistent with the ending prayer, in which the priest asks God to help the woman "faithfully live, and walke in her vocation, accordyng to thy wil, in this lyfe present, and also may be partaker of everlasting glory in the lyfe to come ...," (29) The prayer serves as a charge to the woman, a reminder of her "vocation" as a wife and mother, echoing the prayer at the end of the Prayer Book's service for confirmation, in which the priest asks God to defend the child "with thy heavenly grace that he may continue thine for ever, and daiely encrease in thy holy spirite more and more, untill he come unto they everlasting kingdom." (30) The woman has undergone, it would seem, a new baptism.
occupye them selfe besyde theyr other busynesse in prayour, good medytacyon and redynge of suche englysshe bookes as moste may norysshe and encrease deuocyon.
"Every separation of the Executive and judicial Authority from the Legislative is a Diminution of political and Encrease of civil Liberty" as was every other "Check and Balance" on majoritarian democracy.
(18) This paucity of evidence, however, did not deter earlier Shakespeare editors from suggesting a reading of the word reel as a dance when Enobarbus calls on his fellow carousers to 'Drinke thou: encrease the Reeles' in Antony and Cleopatra (2X6r; TLN 1443).
John Winthrop's sermon aboard the Arrabella informed the colonists, "The end is to improve our lives and doe more service to the Lord the comforte and encrease of the body of christe" (40).