a.1.(Paleon.) Pertaining to encrinites; encrinal.
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The Chicotte Formation (~90 m thick) is dominated by encrinitic and reefal limestones (Brunton & Copper 1994; Desrochers 2006; Desrochers et al.
Encrinitic FA-3 (Facies 1-3) in the basal Chicotte strata includes graded beds with sharp basal contacts, indicating sediment reworking and rapid deposition from episodic, high-energy storm events.
The exposures of the Huentelauquen Formation in the northern part of the study area (Munoz Cristi, 1942; Rebolledo and Charrier, 1994) consist mainly of gray and black shales, including encrinitic levels.
The matrix consists of an encrinitic packstone, containing many different planctonic foraminifera and red algae.