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Noun1.Endecott - born in EnglandEndecott - born in England; in 1629 he became the founder of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (1588-1665)
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A set of 4.75 mm and 1.0 mm aperture size sieves (Endecott Ltd, UK) were used to separate grains and flour from the insects.
All the samples obtained from step (2) were milled by using ordinary mill, and sieved by English sieve apparatus which is manufactured by Endecott Company, to obtain powder with particle size of 150 pm and less.
Houston, TX, August 05, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Richard James, the co-founder of Advantage LED Signs is named the Vice President and Partner by Darick Endecott of Sign-Express.
More recently, less intense development protocols have reduced the breeding target weight goal to 50% to 57% of mature cow BW by relying on lower-cost, lower-energy, systems and compensatory gain (Funston and Deutscher, 2004; Roberts et al., 2009; Funston and Larson, 2011; Larson et al., 2011; Endecott et al., 2013).
Kayleigh Elliott and Charlie Endecott at |the opening of the new Snobs nightclub
The English, perhaps fearing that their failure to compel Pequot submission was sending a dangerous signal, dispatched a squadron of soldiers, commanded by John Endecott, to assault a community of Indians living on Block Island, where Oldham's murderers were believed to live.
Samples of the cockle shells were dried in an oven at 50[degrees] C for 7 days, and the shells were then crushed and blended into a fine powder, which was sieved through a 90-[micro]m laboratory stainless steel sieve (Endecott, London, England).
pH wad done by Ph meter (model 370 Jenway England), Electric conductivity by EC meter (model 4310 Jenway England), Sieving was done by Octagon Sieve shaker (Endecott's Octagon 2000), shaking was done by Rotatory shaker(model wiseshaker-SHO-2D), arsenic and Zn were analyzed by Hydride Generator Atomic absorption spectrophotometer (Varian-220) and FTIR analysis was carried out using Infra red spectroscopy (Shimadzu)
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