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Noun1.Endicott - born in EnglandEndicott - born in England; in 1629 he became the founder of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (1588-1665)
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In the year 1628 they sent over a few people, with John Endicott at their bead, to commence a plantation at Salem.
It was thought fit that the Lady Arbella should tarry in Salem for a time; she was probably received as a guest into the family of John Endicott. He was the chief person in the plantation, and had the only comfortable house which the new-comers had beheld since they left England.
Whenever John Endicott noticed her despondency he doubtless addressed her with words of comfort.
"In a little time you will love this rude life of the wilderness as I do." But Endicott's heart was as bold and resolute as iron, and he could not understand why a woman's heart should not be of iron too.
Thus John Endicott was a man of multifarious business, and had no time to look back regretfully to his native land.
It was the Puritan of Puritans; it was Endicott himself!
[1] Did Governor Endicott speak less positively, we should suspect a mistake here.
And with his keen sword Endicott assaulted the hallowed Maypole.
"There," cried Endicott, looking triumphantly on his work, "there lies the only Maypole in New England!
"I thought not to repent me of cutting down a Maypole," replied Endicott, "yet now I could find in my heart to plant it again, and give each of these bestial pagans one other dance round their idol.
"None as yet," answered Endicott, bending his iron frown upon the culprit.
These primitive statesmen, therefore -- Bradstreet, Endicott, Dudley, Bellingham, and their compeers -- who were elevated to power by the early choice of the people, seem to have been not often brilliant, but distinguished by a ponderous sobriety, rather than activity of intellect.