Ending day

day of death.
- Chaucer.

See also: Ending

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Before ending day one, the President will have a meeting with the party Regional Executive Committee, Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Chief
Perth, Dec 16 ( ANI ): England find themselves battling hard to save the Ashes after ending Day 4 of the Perth Test at 249/5 chasing a target of 504 runs, with Ben Stokes doing a good job of maintaining the flow of runs.
Presenting Energy Vision 2030 on the ending day of the conference on 'Solutions for Energy Crisis', Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology Vice Chancellor Dr Shaukat Hameed Khan warned there were no easy and quick solutions to the power shortage problem being faced by the country as there was grave dichotomy at the policy base, the Planning Commission had been overshadowed by the Finance Ministry and absence of continuity had deprived concerned authority of institutional memory.
Francois Duval has a maiden win in his sights after ending day one of the Tour de Corse with a clear lead yesterday.
KIEV, Ukraine, Jumada I 23, 1435, Mar 24, 2014, SPA -- Ukraine's fledgling government ordered troops to withdraw from Crimea on Monday, ending days of wavering as Russian troops consolidate control over the peninsula, AP reported.
The town was lashed by thunderstorms and heavy rain on Wednesday evening, ending days of hot and humid weather.
With the show ending days before NATPE, Tribune will likely try to launch a replacement series to protect the show's timeslots.
She left Papa and Vic at the church railings to elope with Bob, ending days of speculation about the identity of her TV husband.