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A video camera mounted inside a windshield and pointed outward, as to monitor the actions of police officers or to record accidents in order to determine insurance liability.

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This has become even more prevalent with the generous use of the "Extended Enterprise Model", otherwise known as outsourcing, leading to an endless loop of subcontractors.
A couple of these tracks are impossible to shake off and will play in an endless loop in your head many hours after leaving the cinema.
Instead of jumping to the next client and getting sucked into an endless loop of "what can you do for me, what can you do for me," the elite advisors take time to cultivate the current relationship.
that she gets a little weaker with each new repetition (Time's running out; she's not caught in an endless loop, like in Groundhog Day ).
To make matters more interesting, often times the restaurant plays an endless loop of North Korean scenery on a large flat-screen TV tucked in a corner, ranging from gushing waterfalls and idyllic looking mist-covered mountain peaks to verdant and lush agricultural areas.
They added: "Consequently, the typical perfectionist is locked in an endless loop of self-defeating over-striving in which each new task is another opportunity for harsh self-rebuke, disappointment, and failure.
By: Dunya Hassanin CAIRO -- 27 May 2017: As Ramadan returns for its annual visit, many can get stuck in the endless loop of thinking about how to achieve the "mission impossible" and keep some of the seemingly-inevitable extra weight off.
The name of the "Locked grooves" series is coming from vinyl records, which has few second-long endless loop pressed onto them.
can grate on your nerves like the same phrase of "I Got You Babe" repeating on an endless loop.
By channeling concern about human rights cases into an endless loop of bureaucratic programs, state human rights agencies often serve to minimize effective action in human rights cases.
Christmas and/or nebulous "it's snowing" songs written by Jews, played on an endless loop.