Endless chain

a chain whose ends have been united by a link.
a chain which is made continuous by uniting its two ends.

See also: Chain, Endless

References in classic literature ?
Across the canon was the place for the mill, and there he erected it; and he erected, also, the endless chain of buckets, suspended from a cable and operated by gravity, that would carry the ore across the canon to the quartz-crusher.
This was for the uninitiated the most perplexing work of all; for all that the woman had to give was a single turn of the wrist; and in some way she contrived to give it so that instead of an endless chain of sausages, one after another, there grew under her hands a bunch of strings, all dangling from a single center.
For what is the present, except an endless chain of memories?
Limited Tenders are invited for Alloy steel endless chain slings dia 40mm
20th Century Women" is an endless chain of anecdotes, and though many individual moments are winning, the movie as a whole is rudderless.
Yet, in focusing so keenly on the question of identity, she invariably ends up wrapped around a nearly endless chain of representation.
Opened in 1946, it operated via an endless chain conveyer that pulled a car through a system of overhead sprayers.
Ketchum, Buffalo, New York, patented one of the first finger-bar-type mowers with an endless chain of saw-tooth cutter blades loosely riveted to one another in such a way that the blades themselves made up the chain, which was moved in one direction by a ground-driven sprocket at the inner end, along the rear of the cutter bar, around an idler sprocket and back along the front, cutting toward the inner end.
The baffle plates on these mechanical continuous conveyors are mounted to an endless chain, transporting the bulk material in a trough.
greatly improved its assembly-line operation by employing an endless chain to pull each chassis along at its Highland Park plant.
Past, present and future is linked together in the endless chain of history.
Joining a seemingly endless chain of people winding snakelike in and around whatever compound, building or establishment for a specific transaction will inevitably get on your nerves.