Final Solution

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Final Solution

also final solution
The Nazi program of exterminating Jews during the Third Reich.

[Translation of German Endlösung : Ende, end, final + Lösung, solution.]

Fi′nal Solu′tion

the Nazi program of annihilating the Jews of Europe during the Third Reich.
[1945–50; translation of German endgültige Lösung]

final solution

The German attempt to exterminate all Jews through deportation to forced labor concentration camps, mass gassings, and other executions.
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The logical conclusion of delegitimation is denying the group the right to exist, what Daniel Jonah Goldhagen labels eliminationist anti-Semitism and the Nazis called Endlosung, a final solution.
In de studies Dialektik der Aufklarung (Dialectic of Enlightenment), samen met Horkheimer geschreven, en Negative Dialektik (Negative Dialectics, 1966) verdedigt Adorno de bewering dat de Endlosung der Jugendfrage heeft aangetoond dat de westerse cultuur tot een mislukking heeft geleid.
He uses the German word Losung to describe this grim process, a word that hints at Endlosung, the Nazi term for the Final Solution.
In the East, as well as the West, killed Jews were not commemorated as victims of the German anti-Semitic, genocidal policy of Endlosung, but primarily as "compatriots" fallen in an atrocious war between nations and ideologies.
For example, they referred to their extermination of the Jewish people as the Endlosung, the Final Solution of the Jewish Problem.