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A note at the end of an article, chapter, or book that comments on or cites a reference for a designated part of the text.


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a note at the end of a section of writing



a note, added at the end of a text.
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The poems are supported by fascinating endnotes and a colorful and engrossing author preface.
For example, Bates went through a particular article by Daioleslam where Parsi and NIAC had cited endnotes as proof of bias.
Renumber all 32 existing endnotes to now be notes 3 to 34.
Any references discussed in the text must be cited at the end of the article as endnotes.
This lunacy would be complete if they'd gone ahead and printed the endnotes in invisible ink
Articles should be no more than 8,000 words, including abstract and endnotes.
As such, the endnotes are often a real treasure trove.
The reader should be sure to check the endnotes, for it is there (rather than in the basic text) that Prados directly takes on the revisionists.
But to acquire that understanding one has to read 32 pages of small-type endnotes for 97 pages of text, one of the reasons this book is far from a fast read.
Endnotes, an extensive bibliography, and an index round out this intimate portrait of the Civil War and its repercussions from a ground soldier's eyes.
At 487 pages, plus 100 pages of endnotes, In Search of Nella Larsen is not a light read, but it is essential for history buffs and students of the Harlem Renaissance.
In preparing his narrative, Ackroyd obviously relied upon a meticulously researched, extensive array of sources (although the unfortunately meager endnotes and the absence of a bibliography will leave many readers--myself included--frustrated with so many unexplained arcane details and allusions).